Essential Tips For Lawn Care

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A fresh, green lawn is a sign of warm days and a space that helps you to relax. As most countries are coming out of the throes of winter now, many would look forward to the days of spring when green grass can be sprouted on lawns and a green space created, in front of a house or at the back. A lawn can be a great cover for an open, unpaved ground, created around a garden and so forth. However, it is not easy to have a healthy lawn and there are several choices to be made, as per the kind of grass to be planted, the care that is required and so forth.landscape gardeners North Shore

Watering tips

Though we all know that a grass lawn has to be watered, the watering needs to be regulated which is an essential of garden maintenance North Shore. Lawns can have grass withering from dryness, but overwatering is more of a concern for regulating the health of the lawn grass. Most grass varieties need two inches or less of water per week. A rain or water gauge can be used to ensure that a lawn is watered with the right amount. Rain gauges can be purchased from nurseries and garden stores which will save gardeners the hassle of having to measure the soil moisture.

Fertilization and other nutritional aspects

Fertilization of lawns is a requirement and that depends on the kind of grass you are using as well as the climatic conditions. Grass requires nourishment as do other garden plant varieties. Expert landscape gardeners North Shore recommend that lawns should be fertilized about three times in a year, while some experts suggest that best lawns are those that are fertilized about five to six times in a year. The timing of fertilization of the soil and how it is done is important as well. When water needs to be rationed or there is drought that is not a good time to fertilize the ground. Fertilization should be followed by heavy watering sessions so that they do not dry out the soil and prevent the soil nutrients from reaching the plants. If you are unsure how to get your lawn fertilized and prepared for the lawn grass to be sown, it is best to refer to a local gardener. Many cities have gardening services that can offer different kinds of service depending on what you need. You could look up their portals and get their contact details. That will also help you to reach across for gardening aid at ease and at your convenience.

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