Plastic Bags Vs Paper Bags

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Usually when we have to carry multiple things in hands at once then we use bags to put all the stuff inside the bags and go anywhere easily from one place to other .There are many benefits of using bags like you can put your items of different types in a single place, by putting things together in a bags free space and use in other thing etc. .There are a number of types of bags available and most commonly used are two types that are plastic bags and the other one is paper bags .First we elaborate where these types are most commonly used in our daily life. Plastic bags are much used in comparison with the paper bags like when we buy crockery, vegetables, kitchen items, clothes, shoes, food medicines and many other items are carried inside the plastic bags. On the other hand paper bags are not much used, their most commonly uses are in bakery items, fast food items, also some restaurants use paper plates for serving food to their customers, Also many fresh food item are delivered in paper bags to maintain freshness, these are the common usage of paper bags in our daily life .Both type of bags are the need of today’s market .But Plastic bags are a big source of pollution globally in our daily life due its much usage with no limits. On the other hand paper bags have many positives because paper bags are biodegrade and it’s not possible to recycle paper bags more than one time, means paper bags recycle material is not capable to prepare another bag from it through recycling .While Plastic bags can be recycled infinitely to reuse and through its material more bags can be made . 

Plastic bags are a serious issue currently because there are many serious side effects of them not only to humans but also to animal’s life, because many animals are eating food from earth’s waste, for example plastic bags and shoppers and this leads them to digestive problem that can cause death. Plastic bags are not hygienic for food so it is very dangerous to put your food inside it which we eat in daily life or the food which we store to eat after long time, fast foods, fresh food and other eatable have serious effect to carry them in plastic bags because the raw material, chemical, and other things used in manufacturing of plastic bags are known to serious disease like cancer which tends to death and other disease which cause to human life. Not only the  life of human are effected by Plastic bags but as these bags also become the source of litter so they destroys the beauty of landscapes and natural grass and also causes pollution. The life of oceans and seas are also affected by these plastic bags and the sea creatures are in a great danger because of the plastic garbage and litter thrown inside the sea and oceans. That is why many countries have put up a ban on the manufacturing and usage of the plastic bags and instead have forced the people to use paper bags for their shopping purposes.  Also many are using hemp bags in Australia as a replacement for plastic bags. A lot of stores have put up different varieties of bags where you can buy printed bags too.  best-hemp-bag